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September 11th 2001

A Cruise Missile at The Pentagon

by Peter Wakefield Sault

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“And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free”

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A Cruise Missile at The Pentagon

1. American Airlines Flight 77
2. The Five Frames
3. The Security Videos
4. Flight Characteristics
5. The Alleged Tailfin
6. The Smoke Trail
7. By The Light of A Rocket Motor
8. The Overflight and Lloyde England's Testimony
9. Mike Walter
10. Donald Rumsfeld
11. Porter Goss
12. April Gallop
13. The Damage to Lamp-posts on The Highway
14. The Damage to The Pentagon
15. The Alleged Airplane Wreckage
16. 2.3 Trillion Red Herrings
17. The Real Target

I. The Zelikow ‘9/11 Commission Report’
II. Attempts to Discredit The Case for A Cruise Missile
‘Pentagon Missile Hoax’ by anonymous
‘Is the 9/11 “Pentagon Hole” a Psyop to Distract from Real Questions?’ by Erik Larson
‘The “Pod People” And The Plane That Crashed Into the Pentagon’ by Mike Rivero
III. “Missile” #3
IV. Gov. Jesse Ventura - Conspiracy Theory: 9/11 Pentagon Attack
V. Mirror Websites
VI. Other Websites of Interest
VII. Recommended Books

A Cruise Missile at The Pentagon

1. American Airlines Flight 77

An American Airlines 757

It seems that the general reaction to any suggestion that the Pentagon was not struck by American Airlines Flight 77 on September 11th 2001 is to ask what else could possibly have happened to the missing Boeing 757 and those aboard it. Stronger reactions include the levelling of indignant accusations of “disrespecting the memory of the dead” and the suchlike at the Flight 77 skeptic. Such an appeal to emotion has come to be known as a ‘shut up!’ argument; those who dare challenge the official line are depicted as ghouls intent on hindering ‘closure’ for the families and friends of the supposed victims. The strangest allegation of all ­­­— “discrediting the 9/11 truth movement” ­­­— comes from people who claim to be intent on discovering and revealing the real truth about the events of that day. What is of interest here about such accusations is that they only ever get thrown around in the absence of hard facts upon which a solid case could rest. Their employment is actually a very good indication that their users have no real evidence to present in support of their beliefs.

While the question of the fate of AA Flight 77 is certainly a good one it is nevertheless not this author's present intention to address it here but only to show from the available evidence that what actually struck the Pentagon was a cruise missile. The reader must draw his or her own conclusions about the ramifications of this.

CNN's Jamie McKintyre gives his impression of the scene

Partial transcript ­­­— “[F]rom my close up inspection there's no evidence of a plane having crashed anywhere near the Pentagon... ...The only pieces left that you can see are small enough that you could pick up in your hand. There are no large tail sections, wing sections, fuselage ­­­— nothing like that anywhere around which would indicate that the entire plane crashed into the side of the Pentagon.” ­­­— Jamie McKintyre (CNN)

With regard to the plane or planes, David Ray Griffin puts it this way­­­—

“...shortly after AA 77's transponder signal was lost, the flight was also lost to primary radar. So there was no "blip" until much later, when a high-speed primary target... ...is seen moving toward Washington.” ­­­— David Ray Griffin, Debunking 9/11 Debunking: An Answer to Popular Mechanics and Other Defenders of the Official Conspiracy Theory, Olive Branch Press, 2007, p.232

The simple fact is that there was and is no way for anyone ­­­— including the official investigators ­­­— to know that the plane that got lost to radar, AA 77, was the same plane that got picked up by radar some time later heading towards Washington. The official investigators assert that they found an entire crashed Boeing 757, completely out of sight to the world including others in the Pentagon, inside the ‘D’ wing of the Pentagon. However, they seem unwilling to produce this alleged evidence for any kind of public inspection. As the reader will appreciate, that is at best a highly unsatisfactory state of affairs. Never has any physical evidence been presented at or to any commission or other official inquiry. As with all the video tapes from CCTV cameras surrounding the Pentagon, whose existence prior to their seizure by the FBI can at least be independently verified, this claimed evidence ­­­— allegedly including the remains of a crashed Boeing 757 ­­­— has been classified and allegedly removed to a secret storage facility. The bottom line is that nobody has any reason to take the investigators' word for any of this. Their failure to produce the evidence can mean only one thing - they are lying about it. That is the only rational assumption that anyone can make in the circumstances.

This unsatisfactory state of affairs is the same throughout the whole saga of 9/11. At every turn the official investigators ­­­— the FBI ­­­— blithely expect everyone to take their word for everything. At no time is any physical evidence presented. In fact, one very recognizable characteristic of the official response to 9/11 is the immediacy with which forensic evidence was everywhere removed from crime scenes and destroyed or otherwise hidden from the public.

No airplane wreckage was found in the Pentagon, much less positively identified as Flight 77

David Ray Griffin on CBC's Fifth Estate discussing the alleged phone calls from Barbara Olson

Partial transcript ­­­—
CBC voice-over: “But here, too, there are unanswered questions. For instance, what's perhaps the most famous call that day, from television commentator Barbara Olson, on board American Flight 77 headed to the Pentagon, to her husband Ted Olson, then Solicitor General of the U.S.”
DRG: “He [Ted Olson] told CNN that she [Barbara Olson] had called him that morning from Flight 77. Called him twice, talked to him for about a minute each time. He was uncertain whether it was cellphone or seatback phone - he went back and forth - but he said she reported that there were hijackers on the plane and they were armed with knives and boxcutters. The only reported call that mentioned boxcutters so that shows you how important these calls from Barbara Olson were because everybody knows the hijackers had boxcutters.”
CBC voice-over: “But that's another of those unresolved issues. Ted Olson told the FBI his wife phoned twice that morning, calls lasting about a minute apiece. But in a 9/11 court case [the 2006 trial of Zacarias Moussaoui] FBI evidence was that Barbara Olson attempted just one phone call from Flight 77, which lasted zero seconds.”
DRG: “You've only got two choices; either Ted Olson was duped by fake calls or he just made it up; he lied. Either way the official story is based on a lie.”

A Cruise Missile at The Pentagon

2. The Five Frames

Prints of five frames from Pentagon security videos which captured the event were revealed by Associated Press in March 2002, apparently leaked by an anonymous whistleblower in the Pentagon. These frames are shown in the column labelled ‘Set 1’ below. The first was helpfully labelled “plane” in case anyone dared to consider alternative explanations for the white smoke trail (see Section 6) seen billowing across the lawn. The second set, released by CNN, is slightly more detailed and has not been cropped on the right-hand side although the timestamp has been removed from the bottom. The existence of these prints enabled Judicial Watch to obtain copies, albeit bowdlerized, of the security videos discussed below in Section 3 from the original of which the leaked frames had been extracted.

It would not be unreasonable to suspect that higher resolution images than these were delivered to the news agencies although, however, an enquiry emailed to CNN's archives department about the existence of such images has so far elicited no reply, leaving it an unknown. Nonetheless, Frame 1 of the CNN set shows sufficient detail at the far horizon for individual buildings to be reliably identified from maps and satellite images of the locality and the discovered alignments will be exploited in Section 7, where the illumination from the flare of the missile's rocket motor is revealed.

Frame Set 1 (AP) Set 2 (CNN)

A Cruise Missile at The Pentagon

3. The Security Videos

On May 16th 2006, the U.S. Department of Defense released two short video clips to Judicial Watch, claiming that these videos show AA Flight 77 hitting the Pentagon. What the DoD actually released to JW were MPEG digitizations of the video clips, at a very much degraded resolution of 352 × 240 pixels. As far as I am aware, JW has never been able to ascertain the original format, as recorded from the cameras, of the video clips although it is, however, difficult to believe that the Pentagon would employ the lowest possible video resolution for its surveillance footage. Moreover, anyone who claims he or she can see a Boeing 757 in these clips has either a very vivid imagination or an interest in spreading false beliefs through the power of suggestion.

There have been many attempts to ‘enhance’ frames from these video clips, some of which have amounted to outright forgery. Such attempts are at best fatuous and the reader must accept that the original images are as good as it gets. Throughout this piece I have employed high-quality JPEG reproductions of individual frames at their original resolution of 352 × 240 pixels, and this can be verified by comparison with JW's MPEG video clips. If the reader has difficulty making out small details in these images, then welcome to the club and beware of charlatans peddling ‘enhancements’. There is enough detail in the images at their supplied resolution to make a clear case for a cruise missile strike.

The best that can be offered here due to bandwidth considerations are 320 × 240 MP4 renderings made from the Pentagon-supplied MPEGs. These should be viewable in most browsers.

A Cruise Missile at The Pentagon

4. Flight Characteristics

It is impossible that any kind of airplane, large or small, could have reached the position of the object shown entering the frame at right in the Pentagon security video without having gouged the ground at that point (see right-hand image above). It must be remembered that the object, whatever it may have been, had just dived or dropped at least 50 feet (15 metres) after crossing the highway to enter the field of vision already at ground level. As the whole world knows, there was not a mark on the Pentagon lawn after the event.

The reason it could not be an airplane is that airplanes swoop up and down, always pointing in the direction of flight, unlike cruise missiles which, because they are pilotless, can perform violent maneuvres known as ‘bump up/down’ wherein the attitude of the missile does not change while the missile changes its line of attack. A cruise missile is steered with one or more onboard devices known as ‘Control Moment Gyroscopes’ (CMGs). These control the direction that the missile points in, its attitude, and thereby its course. The wings, which swivel laterally in their entirety, can be used to cause a sudden rapid ascent or descent while the gyroscopes force the missile to maintain the same attitude. This is the maneuvre shown as “bump up/down” in the Boeing graphic below. Cruise missiles are designed to hug the ground (or sea) at a height of 6 feet (2 metres) during their final approaches, employing radars and high-speed electronics to achieve this. The bump up/down maneuvre is shown in the following Boeing graphic:­­­—

A Cruise Missile at The Pentagon

5. The Alleged Tailfin

Some have claimed that while the object which struck the Pentagon was not a large commercial passenger jet, it was still an airplane. The usual candidate put forward is a smallish military jet airplane known as an ‘A3’. Among the evidence for this claim is a triangular shape which appears above the yellow barrier box in the Pentagon security video, as shown below in the right-hand image. To the right of the triangle can be seen what appears to be a trail of white smoke. Airplanes do not leave vapour trails below an altitude of 30,000 feet (9km). The smoke trail is dealt with in Section 6.

It is impossible that the triangular shape seen protruding above the yellow box in the Pentagon security video could be the tail fin of an airplane. For a start, no genuine airplane tail fin is pointed in that manner ­­­— all have an upper edge which is parallel to the principal axis and which is several feet long. Moreover, for an object travelling at, say, 500mph (800km/h), the fin would have moved about 12 feet in the duration of a single video frame (1/60th second exposure), hence would appear to be some 15 feet long. It must be remembered that the camera was static and was not tracking the object. At Mach 2 the fin would appear to be 40 feet long in any one frame of video. Whatever its appearance, it would not display a sharp point at the top such as can be seen in the Pentagon security video frame.

Assuming that the triangular apparition is not simply a trick of the light and smoke (see Section 7), which it could well be, there is an alternative explanation for it ­­­— it could be the upper half of a transonic shockwave. If this is the case then the object would have been reaching the transonic speed of about 750mph (1,200km/h) at the time that the video frame was captured.

Outline of postulated transonic shockwave

Transonic shockwave of an F8

The Balance of Probabilities

One of the differences between the small plane plus small missile scenario and that of a cruise missile is that the former is excessively complicated, hence it carries a significantly greater risk of failure. Another difference is the far greater likelihood of a plane being spotted, whereas a cruise missile would be coming in at the level of the treetops and is relatively small (about 20 feet, or 6 metres, in length) with a very short wingspan by comparison.

The small plane theorists always omit any mention of a pilot. For a small plane to have been both pilotless and to have fired a small missile with precision timing would have required extensive modifications to have been made to the plane. A cruise missile, on the other hand, and especially a bunker-busting cruise missile, would have been doing precisely what it had been designed, built and proven to do. Where was the testing of the small plane and small missile carried out? How many tests would have had to be performed before the assembly could be got right? How many airplanes would have been destroyed in the testing? On what building would such tests have been performed? All this extensive development for a one-off operation seems highly unlikely. One has only to put oneself in the place of the plotters to see that the choice of cruise missile was a no-brainer.

A Cruise Missile at The Pentagon

6. The Smoke Trail

Key: A = ‘Fin’, B = Smoke trail

If it is indeed a smoke trail to the right of the ‘fin’, and it is hard to imagine it could be anything else, then it would be fair to assume that there is a similar, dense white smoke trail following the UFO.

Key: A = ‘UFO’, B = Smoke trail

Key: A = Smoke trail

Only a rocket motor produces a trail such as can be seen in the frames of the security videos. That automatically excludes any kind of airplane and also any kind of truck; any kind of vehicle, that is to say, that is not rocket-propelled. A cruise missile is propelled by a rocket motor, immediately after launch, while a solid fuel booster gets the missile up to the operating speed of its long-haul ramjet or turbofan engine. This phase of a cruise missile's flight sequence is identified by “URAP” in the Boeing graphic of a ground-launched missile. If it was indeed a cruise missile then it must have been released from a plane at a not very great distance from the Pentagon. There are many witnesses to a large plane passing low and nearby, the same witnesses frequently reporting hearing the sound of an explosion coming from the direction of the Pentagon following their sightings of the plane, although there is only one known alleged eyewitness to the actual impact, Mr. Mike Walter of ‘USA Today Live’.

Apologists for the ‘9/11 Commission Report’ invariably misrepresent witness statements, characterizing them as “hundreds of eyewitnesses to a plane hitting the Pentagon”. This is, of course, the employment of a non-sequitur to mislead the unwary, the reality being that all such witnesses firstly saw the large plane and then quite separately heard an explosion after the plane had moved out of their fields of vision. The fact is that, with the sole exception of Mr Walter, none of them actually saw anything hit the Pentagon for the very simple reason that none of them could see the Pentagon. Two others who claim to have witnessed an AA 757 hit the Pentagon were at that time Pentagon employees, hence their testimony must be set aside because of the distinct possibility of it being spurious. In other words, they would say whatever their employer ordered them to say; an employer that is not exactly famous for telling the truth.

Evidently those responsible for the release of the Pentagon security videos to Judicial Watch had assumed that, accompanied by repeated strong doses of suggestion, the billowing smoke trail of a rocket engine would be seen by one and all as the fuselage of a Boeing 757.

A cruise missile's solid fuel rocket booster burns for about a quarter of a minute. Assuming an average speed of 500mph (800km/h), then for the rocket motor to still be firing upon impact the missile would have had to be drop-launched from an airplane within two miles (3.2km) of the target. Tracking back from the impact position the perfect spot to either release a cruise missile from a low-flying airplane or ground-launch it with minimal chance of being seen doing it is to be found less than two miles from the target ­­­— the Army & Navy Country Club, described on its website as “500 acres of rolling, wooded landscape”, comprising some 230 acres at Fairfax and 270 acres at Arlington (the latter shown below).

According to General Thomas E. White (now retired), Secretary of the Army from 2001 to April 2003, an airplane flew over the Army & Navy Country Club just before the Pentagon was struck.

“We had a breakfast in the secretary of defense's conference room, where we had all of the chairmen of the four oversight committees, and as that breakfast was breaking up, the first plane had hit the World Trade Tower. We all went on with the day's business. I had a speech to give up at the Army & Navy Country Club. So I was up there when the plane that hit the Pentagon came right over the top of the Army Navy Club and bounced down the hill and hit the side of the Pentagon.” ­­­— Thomas E. White, interviewed on PBS August 12th 2004

Note that White does not say that he actually saw the airplane in question. Moreover, in military-speak, when an airplane hits a target that does not actually mean that the airplane has crashed. What is clear, however, is that an airplane allegedly flew over the Army & Navy Country Club immediately before the Pentagon was struck ­­­— in exactly the right place either to drop-launch a cruise missile or to knock down the lamp-posts.

Apparently the general likes his little golf-related ‘in’ jokes. No doubt the missile did look as if it was bouncing like a ball down the hill ­­­— an overall descent of some 200 feet ­­­— as it performed the ‘bump up/down’ maneuvre, so clearly illustrated in the Boeing graphic, during its 10-12 seconds of flight from the ANCC golf course to the Pentagon ‘hole in one’. Apparently the fact that the missile would still be under rocket-assisted power (‘URAP’) as it impacted the Pentagon was not considered, ­or was considered inconsequential. And so the ground-level approach and the smoke trail were captured by the Pentagon parking lot security cameras. The resulting video clips were subsequently released, accompanied by the suggestion that they showed Flight 77 crashing into the Pentagon but instead of confirming the presence of Flight 77 they have, ironically, allowed the true nature of the intruder to be identified.

The Navy Annex viewed from the damaged section of the Pentagon

The above image is taken from FBI video footage obtained in 2010 under the US Freedom of Information & Privacy Act (FOIPA) by attorney James Gourley of the International Center for 9/11 Studies.

A Cruise Missile at The Pentagon

7. By The Light of A Rocket Motor

In addition to the voluminous amounts of dense smoke produced by a rocket motor, a dazzling light is emitted at the nozzle by the incandescent exhaust gases. Because the ‘UFO’ is flying towards the camera, into which the morning Sun is also shining, the presence of the light of a rocket motor cannot be confirmed. Or can it?

Even with the nozzle turned away from the camera the radiated light of a rocket motor would still illuminate parts of the background behind the ‘UFO’. It is not easy to discern by visual inspection any difference between the illumination of the background in the frame in which the ‘UFO’ appears at far right and that of the frame immediately preceding it. There is, however, a technique for revealing even the most subtle changes of light level ­­­— image differencing. This can be performed with an image processing program such as GIMP by assigning the pre-‘UFO’ (A) and ‘UFO’ (B) frames to separate layers then applying a difference function to those same layers. The result of just such an operation is shown below.

Illumination of the background revealed (1)

With the difference image in hand, so to speak, it becomes a lot easier to spot the illuminated patches in Frame B and to see that they are indeed brighter than the same locations in Frame A.

Illumination of the background revealed (2)

While it is possible that the appearance of illumination could be a result of bloom on the camera lens, it is clear from the above image that the principal illumination is of a section of the embankment and crash-barrier of the raised Interstate 395 highway.

A Cruise Missile at The Pentagon

8. The Overflight and Lloyde England's Testimony

There are many witnesses to a large airplane flying very low in the direction of the Pentagon and crossing Route 27, the highway that runs alongside the Pentagon lawn and heliport. Since it is clear for many reasons that no large airplane impacted the Pentagon, the only reasonable conclusion that can be drawn is that the reported airplane must have cleared the Pentagon, flying over it.

It was, according to an online report from the Survivors' Fund Project, while Lloyde England and the unnamed driver of a van that had pulled up alongside Mr England's taxicab were removing a felled lamp-post from the taxicab that they saw and heard an explosion at the Pentagon. The Survivors' Fund Project has since disappeared from the Internet and has also been removed from the Web Archive. A ZIP file containing the webpage can, however, be downloaded from here. Here is an excerpt:-

“Lloyd, 69, began the morning of September 11, 2001 like most days, driving his taxi cab. A passenger in Rosslyn told him what had happened at the World Trade Center so he turned on his radio and headed home. As he approached the Navy Annex, he saw a plane flying dangerously low overhead. Simultaneously, the plane struck a light pole and the pole came crashing down onto the front of Lloyd’s taxi cab, destroying the windshield in front of his eyes. Glass was everywhere as he tried to stop the car. Another car stopped and the driver helped move the heavy pole off Lloyd’s car. As they were moving the pole, they heard a big boom and turned to see an explosion. The light pole fell on Lloyd and he struggled to get up from underneath, wondering what had happened.”

The Survivors' Fund Project website, from the Web Archive

History of The Survivors' Fund Project Website before its removal at an unknown date from the Web Archive

The reader must bear in mind that the flight time from the highway to the Pentagon is about one second. Clearly then, if Mr England is correct about the sequence of events, the explosion could not have taken place at the same time that the airplane flew over the Pentagon.

Mr England's testimony is corroborated firstly by the physical evidence of very real downed lamp-posts and the matching damage to his taxicab, which corresponds exactly to his description of the position of the lamp-post after it came to rest, and secondly, in respect of the delay between the passing of the airplane and the explosion by a video clip of Rep. Porter Goss giving a press conference after the evacuation of the Capitol, which itself started after the alleged United Airlines Flight 175 had struck the South Tower of the World Trade Center (WTC) at 09:03 but before the Pentagon had been struck at some time shortly after 09:30.

It would seem that nowadays Mr England is not entirely sure where exactly he was on the highway at the time and Craig Ranke makes great play of Mr England's recent claim to have been further north than obviously he was as shown in the many photographs of his taxicab. Mr England has, however, been exposed over the intervening years to a great deal of “north side flyover” eyewitness testimony corroborating the NTSB's reconstruction from Pentagon policemen and other US government employees which has been heavily promoted by Craig Ranke among others and could not avoid having been affected by this. Furthermore, Mr England received a grant to replace his taxicab from the federal 9/11 Survivors' Fund Project. It would be unusual for such a grant to be made unconditionally or for the conditions to be made public. At least half of the “north side flyover” witnesses also claim to have seen the airplane they saw flying over hit the Pentagon, a matter that Craig Ranke goes out of his way never to mention and which is contradicted by the physical evidence of the damage path both inside and outside the Pentagon, hence diminishing their credibility as witnesses to a great big zero. For Craig Ranke to accuse Mr England of deliberately lying about everything else on the basis that the damage and photos took place in a different location to that in which he now claims to have been is also for Mr Ranke to accuse all his own pet witnesses of lying and for exactly the same reason - in other words, the physical evidence in the form of downed lamp-posts, absent credible airplane wreckage and parking lot videos contradicts their stories.

Lloyde England standing behind his cab where it came to rest after being struck by a downed lamp-post

The purpose of downing the lamp-posts would have been twofold. Firstly, the width of the swath could be argued to support the official story that a large airplane struck the Pentagon although this would be a non-sequitur since the width of the swath is evidence only that the swath itself was caused by a large airplane. Secondly, it removed hazards from the approach path of the incoming cruise missile.

A Cruise Missile at The Pentagon

9. Mike Walter

Mike Walter

Mr Walter described a large plane coming in as “an American Airlines jet” and an impacting object that looked to him like “a cruise missile with wings”. He subsequently claimed that he didn't really mean that it looked like a cruise missile. One can hardly criticize Mr. Walter for any lack of certainty in his memories of the event, which must have been truly shocking to behold, although he now claims to be certain that he saw an airplane hit the Pentagon. Nevertheless, it is fair to ask how many people would describe an 18-wheeler as looking like a sports car, even if it was ramming a building at the time. It is also fair to ask how Mr Walter failed to notice the dense white smoke trail that is clearly visible in the security videos, especially in view of the fact that his keen powers of observation enabled him in a split second to positively identify the large plane as an American Airlines jet. Before, that is, its transmogrification into a “cruise missile with wings”. It would of course be unjust to characterise Mr Walter as having been a plant; he was clearly shocked and scared out of his wits hence not the most reliable of witnesses. In his own words, his feelings at the time were of “sheer terror”.

Hear USA Today Live's Mike Walter tell his story

Transcript ­­­— “I was sitting in the northbound on 27 in the traffic this morning it was, you know, typical rush-hour ­­­— it had ground to a standstill. And I looked off, I was you know, I looked out my window and I saw this plane, a jet, American Airlines jet, coming. And I thought "this doesn't add up, it's really low". And, and I saw it. It just went, I mean it was like a cruise missile, with wings, went right there and slammed right into the Pentagon.

“Huge explosion, great ball of fire, smoke started billowing out and then it was chaos on the highway as people either tried to move around the traffic and go down, either forward or backwards. We had a lady who was in front of me, who was backing up and screaming, "everybody go back, go back, they've hit the Pentagon". And it was just sheer terror.” ­­­— Mike Walter (USA Today Live)

It didn't take long for the whole world to become aware of Mr Walter's words and not unnaturally the focus has ever since rested on that ruinously incriminating phrase ­­­— “like a cruise missile, with wings”. Since then Mr Walter has repeatedly denied that he saw a cruise missile.

The whole of this clip can be viewed on YouTube

Partial transcript ­­­— “The force of this jet hitting the Pentagon at about 500mph [800 km/hr] when something hits a concrete structure like that you know this belief that the wings would go in is just ridiculous. What I saw was the actual jet going in with the wings folded back like this [gestures with hands] so that's why when you look at the hole and you say well it's not big enough well that's why. The wings were not strong enough to withstand the impact they folded back and that's why the jet went in and that's why the hole that you see isn't as large as you might imagine in another structure.” ­­­— Mike Walter (USA Today Live)

Let's go back to Mr Walter's words on the day itself - “Huge explosion, great ball of fire, smoke started billowing out...”. Does that sound anything like “I saw... ...the actual jet going in with the wings folded back”? Of course it does not. Apparently Mr Walter subsequently developed x-ray vision and travelled backwards in time to see through the “great ball of fire”. Mr Walter's estimate of the airplane's speed is also fatuous. By what standard, one must ask, did he judge the speed of the airplane to be “about 500mph”? ‘Misjudge’ would perhaps be a more appropriate word to use since a large passenger jet airplane simply cannot in any case travel that fast that close to the ground. At the impossible speed that Mr Walter claims the time the airplane would take to travel through its own length would be one fifth of a second (0.2 sec). Even at a more realistic speed, say 200mph, that time would be a mere one half of a second (0.5 sec). And yet in that time Mr Walter now claims to have seen the wings “folded back” and, despite necessarily having become detached from the fuselage, get dragged inside by the fuselage. Given that the soft-nosed fuselage could not have penetrated the hardened bunker-concrete Pentagon wall in the first place, is any of that credible?

What is more, Mr Walter was looking at the western face of the Pentagon, which was in deep shadow in contrast to the background of a dazzlingly bright sky with the morning Sun in the same quadrant. It is well known that in such circumstances it is impossible for the human eye to see what is in the shade because of the extreme contrast.

None of this is to say that Mr Walter did not see a large airplane flying low overhead. He undoubtedly did see a large twin-engined airplane, the one that felled the lamp-posts to clear the attack path of the incoming cruise missile, the one that subsequently overflew Porter Goss's press conference at the Capitol. However, the physical evidence of what hit the Pentagon does not include an airplane, planted ‘stage-prop’ evidence on the lawn notwithstanding.

A Cruise Missile at The Pentagon

10. Donald Rumsfeld

Mike Walter was not the only person to use the word ‘missile’ in describing the object that hit the Pentagon. On October 12th 2001 then U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld gave an interview to ‘Parade’ magazine.

Parade: “This is a question that's been asked by many Americans, but especially by the widows of September 11th. How were we so asleep at the switch? How did a war targeting civilians arrive on our homeland with seemingly no warning?”

Rumsfeld: “There were lots of warnings. The intelligence information that we get, it sometimes runs into the hundreds of alerts or pieces of intelligence a week. One looks at the worldwide, it's thousands. And the task is to sort through it and see what you can find. And as you find things, the law enforcement officials who have the responsibility to deal with that type of thing ­­­— the FBI at the federal level, and although it is not, it's an investigative service as opposed to a police force, it's not a federal police force, as you know. But the state and local law enforcement officials have the responsibility for dealing with those kinds of issues.

“They [find a lot] and any number of terrorist efforts have been dissuaded, deterred or stopped by good intelligence gathering and good preventive work. It is a truth that a terrorist can attack any time, any place, using any technique and it's physically impossible to defend at every time and every place against every conceivable technique. Here we're talking about plastic knives and using an American Airlines flight filled with our citizens, and the missile to damage this building [the Pentagon] and similar (inaudible) that damaged the World Trade Center. The only way to deal with this problem is by taking the battle to the terrorists, wherever they are, and dealing with them.”

The evidence of the statements of Mike Walter and Donald Rumsfeld does not seem so tenuous and the statements themselves are not so easily dismissed as metaphorical when viewed in the context of the flight characteristics of the ‘UFO’ and of the smoke trail that followed behind it. Both statements may well instead have been unintended slips of the tongue that reveal the true nature of the object.

That would not be Donald Rumsfeld's only slip of the tongue regarding 9/11...

“The people who... ...shot down the plane over Pennsylvania” - Donald Rumsfeld (December 24th 2004, Iraq)
“In vino veritas” - Pliny the Elder

A Cruise Missile at The Pentagon

11. Porter Goss

Some time between 09:31 and 09:38 on the morning of September 11th 2001, just before the Pentagon was struck, Representative Porter Goss, then chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, convened a small press conference somewhere outside the Capitol, a little over three miles north-east of the Pentagon (see map below). Given that there is some uncertainty about the exact time of the Pentagon strike, it has not been possible just yet to fix the exact time at which the video clip starts rolling. Part of that press conference can be watched below.

Rep. Porter Goss speaking outside the Capitol, taken from the National Geographic TV documentary
‘Witness: D.C. 9/11’

The explosion that is heard in the above clip cannot be occurring anywhere else but at the Pentagon. Taking the speed of sound to be 750mph (1,200 km/hr), the sound of the explosion would have taken roughly 15 seconds to reach the little gathering at the Capitol.

The distinctive sound of the engines of the airplane that passes low and nearby the press conference identifies it as large, twin-engined and flying slowly. I have it on the authority of a military friend with much experience of the sounds of various airplanes coming and going that, from the sound of its engines, the airplane was probably travelling at no more than 170 knots, with a maximum of 200 knots. Assuming a groundspeed of 200mph, the flight time from the Pentagon to the Capitol would have been about 60 seconds, or one minute. Subtracting from that the 15 seconds for the sound of the explosion at the Pentagon to travel to the Capitol and the roughly 10 seconds between the sound of the explosion and the arrival of the airplane means that the period between the passing of the airplane at the Pentagon and the missile strike was in the region of 35 seconds, thereby corroborating Mr Lloyde England's statement as reported by the Survivors' Fund Project.

“As [Lloyde] approached the Navy Annex, he saw a plane flying dangerously low overhead. Simultaneously, the plane struck a light pole and the pole came crashing down onto the front of Lloyd’s taxi cab, destroying the windshield in front of his eyes. Glass was everywhere as he tried to stop the car. Another car stopped and the driver helped move the heavy pole off Lloyd’s car. As they were moving the pole, they heard a big boom and turned to see an explosion. The light pole fell on Lloyd and he struggled to get up from underneath, wondering what had happened.”

It is clear from the map below that the Capitol is aligned with the attack path of the missile, therefore with the flightpath of the airplane that felled the lamp-posts. In other words had the airplane continued in a straight line after felling the lamp-posts it would have passed directly over the Capitol, making it highly likely that it was indeed the same airplane that is heard in the video clip.

The reader should give special attention to the way everyone shields their eyes while looking for the airplane in the sky. It was indeed a sunny morning and the same bright sky that would have dazzled everyone looking at the Pentagon from State Route 27, such as Mr Mike Walter for example, making it very difficult for anyone to see what was going on and further diminishing the already very low credibility of all the alleged eyewitnesses to an airplane crashing into the Pentagon.

Map: Google

Explosion and airplane aside, Rep. Goss is directly contradicted by the claims made subsequently by Condoleeza Rice, then Secretary of State, and others that nobody had foreseen the possibility of airplanes deliberately being flown into buildings. Needless to say only one of these claims can be correct. The reader must decide for him or herself which is the more likely.

A Cruise Missile at The Pentagon

12. April Gallop

William Lewis, producer and director of the documentary 9-11 Ripple Effect, says that the following interview segments had been excluded from the documentary at Ms Gallop's request but that he nevertheless decided in 2008 to release them separately.

April Gallop shares her experience

Partial transcript ­­­— “I came out in what is believed to be the entrance or the place of initial impact and was placed on the lawn that was closest to the highway prior to be[ing] transported to the hospital [on] that particular day. While I was coming out [of] the Pentagon I didn't see any evidence of metal, airplane seats, you know, luggage, nothing that would give me any indication that it was a plane that had hit the building.
“I did not have jet fuel over my body, my son didn't have jet fuel over his body, the people that helped didn't have jet fuel on their bod[ies]... There was nothing on the inside that would give me any indication that there was a plane on that particular day that [had] hit the building.
“Most of the people that were in the area where I was located and, again, I did ask because... ...maybe I was off in my judgment but in speaking with everyone it was conclusive that no one else in that area where I was located had seen any parts of planes or luggage or baggage or any things of that nature.” ­­­— April Gallop

It would appear that, unknown to their operators, Pentagon personal computers are fitted with auto-destruct explosive charges that can be detonated via a network command, requiring each computer to be powered on for its auto-destruct to function. Presumably the computers could have been powered up via a network command although, however, given the time of day at which all this was taking place, that might have drawn the attentions of workers who were already at their desks. Hence the triggering of the auto-destructs on 9/11 required all the computers to have been switched on manually by their operators as on any normal morning. Ms Gallop worked in the Pentagon's Declassification Department, responsible for publishing secret documents whose time limits had expired. It is only too easy to suspect that there were files due for declassification that somebody didn't want ever to see the light of day.

A Cruise Missile at The Pentagon

13. The Damage to Lamp-Posts on The Highway

A large airplane flew very low across State Route 27 towards the Pentagon and was visible to Mr. Mike Walter through his car window shortly before the explosion he also describes. This large airplane downed five lamp-posts, one of which pierced the windshield of Mr Lloyde England's taxicab.

Some people have expressed the opinion that the wings of a large jet airplane would not be strong enough to knock down lamp-posts, and that the lamp-posts would instead have knocked the wings off the airplane. This is nonsense. If one looks at the photo of a Boeing 757 which heads this article, it is plain to see that the entire weight of the airplane and its engines is supported by the wings. Anyone still doubting the great strength of airplane wings should look closely at the following photograph.

However, as shown in the video clip below, the damage to the lamp-posts is inconsistent with the flight path reconstructed by the US National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) from the alleged Flight Data Recorder (FDR) of Flight 77.

Pilots for Truth analyze the NTSB's animation

Clearly both the alleged Flight 77 FDR and the data it contained must therefore be fraudulent.

A Cruise Missile at The Pentagon

14. The Damage to The Pentagon

The initial damage to the Pentagon wall was inconsistent with the wall having been struck by an airplane of any size.

Major-General Albert Stubblebine shares his view of it

There is no way that any airplane could have penetrated the hardened Pentagon wall, hence the ‘small-plane’ theorists must ­­­— and do ­­­— introduce a small missile fired ahead of the small plane. So the small plane theorists are in actual fact missile theorists after all. However, a small (wing-borne) missile could not have caused the damage seen and would barely have penetrated the outer wall, let alone have left a neat round exit hole in the C-Ring.

Above is a picture of the hole in the C-Ring (third ring inwards) of the Pentagon. If that hole was caused by an engine of a Boeing 757 then where is the engine and where are there any holes caused by the other equally massive (12 ton) engine? Most tellingly, there is no mention of this hole in Phillip Zelikow's ‘9/11 Commission Report’.

A jet of water cloaked the entry hole for 12 minutes prior to the collapse of the wall

As pointed out by Carol Valentine in ‘Pentagon RESCUE? Open, Bloody, Questions’, firefighters do not use water on petroleum (gasoline, diesel, jetfuel etc.) fires since it floats on water and will continue to burn unhindered. Such fires must be fought with a special foam that drowns the fuel, denying it access to oxygen so extinguishing the flames.

Dave vonKleist analyses the post-collapse damage to the Pentagon

A Cruise Missile at The Pentagon

15. The Alleged Airplane Wreckage

Sightseer and alleged wreckage of AA Flight 77 on the Pentagon lawn

Before any discussion of the wreckage shown above can proceed, the reader must appreciate that there is clear evidence of a cruise missile in the ground-level approach and smoke trail shown in the security videos. Therefore it matters not which answer, if any, the reader chooses to the question of where the wreckage came from, for it will not affect the answer to the quite separate question of whether a cruise missile was involved in the strike. For this reason only a perfunctory analysis of the wreckage is needed.

There are only so many ways that the wreckage could have arrived on the Pentagon lawn:-

A Cruise Missile at The Pentagon

16. 2.3 Trillion Red Herrings

On September 10th 2001 at about 17:30, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld announced to the world that the Pentagon “could not track some $2.3 trillion in transactions”. Is it in the slightest bit credible, should such a gargantuan accounting error actually have occurred, that the Pentagon would announce it to the world? Is it not more likely that the whole business would be classified on the grounds of national security insofar as evidence of such vast incompetence and corruption that it must surely represent would render the Pentagon ­­­— and the United States of America by extension ­­­— a laughing stock in the eyes of the world?

And then, would you believe, on the following morning, the entire accounting department allegedly tasked with finding the ‘missing’ $2.3 trillion was wiped out, files and all? What on Earth is anyone supposed to think? Is it that a man in a cave in Afghanistan wanted to prevent the Pentagon from ever finding the $2.3 trillion which only the previous day Donald Rumsfeld had announced it could not track? More likely perhaps is that the $2.3 trillion was set up as a decoy for anyone who gets as far as realizing that the destruction at the Pentagon was caused by a missile. Clearly what no one is supposed ever to think is that the real target could possibly have been anything else.

A Cruise Missile at The Pentagon

17. The Real Target

Carol Valentine's highly detailed, well-researched, incisive and bitterly humorous exposé of the sham rescue of trapped Pentagon employees is truly horrifying.

“According to the Washington Post, January 20, 2002, "The Last Watch," (front page, Style section), the entire chain of command of the super secret Chief of Naval Operations Intelligence Plot (CNO-IP) were killed in the September 11 attack on the Pentagon.” ­­­— Carol Valentine, ‘Pentagon RESCUE? Open, Bloody, Questions’

“In mid-August [2001], people boxed up their office files and family photos. Finally. The CNO-IP was moving to renovated offices in the Navy Command Center, on the first floor of the D-Ring, on the Pentagon's west side.
“One hundred twenty-five Pentagon workers were killed that day. Forty-two died in the Navy Command Center. Seven served in the Intelligence Plot.” ­­­— Washington Post, January 20 2002

Spookier And Spookier

A short excerpt from the award-winning documentary ‘Out of The Blue’

Partial transcript ­­­— “I asked him [unnamed US Navy intelligence officer] the question. What happens to this report? Where does it go? He said [that] it goes to Navy Intelligence, to Chief of Naval Operations. Then it goes to a joint intelligence committee. Now of course later on I learned it was M.A.J.I.C.,... ...he said [that] this was a small committee, that this committee determined whether it would affect our national security, that if it did it would probably never go anywhere else.” ­­­— Lt. Graham Bethune (US Navy commander pilot, ret)

Whether you believe that Lt. Bethune and his crew saw an Extraterrestrial vehicle or were somehow subject to the same hallucination or were just plain lying, what is clear is that CNO-IP logged and analysed UFO encounters by US Navy pilots and radars and that this unit along with all of its files was wiped out on 9/11.

A Cruise Missile at The Pentagon

Appendix I. The Zelikow 9/11 Commission Report

With the announcement of Mr Larry Silverstein's filing of a $12.3 billion lawsuit against American Airlines and others for “allowing” the events of that day to take place, in addition to the $4.68 billion World Trade Center insurance payout already received by Mr Silverstein, it is clear that a considerable sum of money rides on the survival of the U.S. Government's report, produced by Mr Phillip D Zelikow and ‘The National Commission on Terrorist Attacks upon The United States’. That this commission was set up not to investigate but to whitewash is clear from its official title which implicitly presupposes that the events of 9/11 comprised an attack by foreign terrorists rather than by domestic gangsters.

A Cruise Missile at The Pentagon

Appendix II. Attempts to Discredit The Case for A Cruise Missile

A variety of websites contain attacks on the case for a cruise missile. Here, a representative sample will be analyzed.

‘Pentagon Missile Hoax’ by anonymous

This article is billed as “Pentagon missile hoax: the "no Boeing" claims are not "9/11 truth" they discredit and distract from proven evidence of complicity”. The anonymous author makes the following five claims in her introduction:­­­—

Here are the appropriate responses:­­­—

1. This claim is entirely irrelevant to the matter in hand. However, to deal with its claims, firstly, there is no such debate let alone a “fake debate” that I am aware of so it is actually a spurious device that the author appears to have invented and, at that, one which hardly makes any sense. The purpose of this can only be to try to confuse the reader. Secondly, there is no connection whatsoever between the nature of the object that struck the Pentagon and whether or not G.W.Bush is in any way culpable for the strike. The author wisely does not even try to explain how a plane would constitute evidence of “complicity” while a cruise missile would not.

2. Nobody, let alone “hundreds of people”, could possibly have known whether or not the airplane she saw was Flight 77. As far as I am aware the only person to have identified American Airlines livery was Mr Mike Walter ­­­— but the paint job does not identify the flight number and does not even prove that it was an AA airplane. The rest of these “hundreds of people” appear to be as anonymous and untraceable as the author of this hit piece. If a cruise missile passed above you in the street, travelling at 750mph (1,200km/h), would you see it? How long did it take the UFO to get from above the cloverleaf to the Pentagon wall? A little calculation is all it takes to find out: the distance is roughly 1,000 feet (300m) and 750mph is just about 1,100fps (340m/s), hence it would have taken the object slightly less than a second to travel that far. How much can anyone see of a high-speed object in that time, especially a completely unexpected object with a completely unexpected destination? If you only heard it, then by the time you turned your head it would be gone. I recall glimpsing for just a second, or two at the most, in 1980, a fireball in the sky, from a London, England street. What I thought I saw was a giant burning rag tumbling end over end while falling quite slowly just a mile or two due east of me, from an altitude of about 15°. Later that same day it was reported that a giant meteorite had fallen in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. It was broad daylight in London at the time and there were crowds of people around me but to this day I appear to have been the only person who saw it ­­­— newspapers and TV reported no witnesses. The simple fact is that because no one reported seeing the Pentagon strike object and identifying it as a cruise missile does not mean that it was not there. The evidence of the smoke trail proves conclusively that it was a rocket no matter what anyone thought he saw. Witness evidence is notoriously unreliable.

3. The author asserts there is “physical evidence” which he does not identify, making it hard to discuss, let alone to refute. Nonetheless, since the evidence is not identified the claim that it exists can safely be dismissed as a ‘because-I-say-so’ argument, which is worthless. How could the author possibly know that any part of the Pentagon was “nearly empty”? Is he taking the word of a Pentagon spokesman ­­­— in other words a possible accessory after the fact to the murders by persons otherwise unknown that took place there? According to one suspect ­­­— the Pentagon itself (which cannot be excluded as a suspect simply because it is the Pentagon or the victim, in small part, of the attack) ­­­— some 125 Pentagon employees were killed, although there is no way of independently corroborating this number. Given that there were about 20,000 people in the building at the time of the strike, it will probably never be known how many thousands of deaths are being covered up under the pretext of ‘national security’. As for the claim about the black boxes, the problem with this is that they were “found” by people who, again, may be either willing accomplices of the murderers or otherwise gullible dupes stumbling across planted evidence. Moreover, it would seem that the data in the flight recorders, however it got there and wherever they really came from, is incomplete and stops short several seconds before the impact. It is very easy to falsify the data in a black box and it was only the data that was released. No one outside the Pentagon has, to the best of my knowledge, ever actually seen the flight recorders. Finally there is another bald assertion, this one patently absurd, yet again presented without any evidence beyond ‘because-I-say-so’, that the real entry hole is much bigger than the hole which is visible in photographs taken before the ‘collapse’ (probable demolition) of the wall.

4. If anyone can make any sense of the garbled statement that is bullet-point #4, I would be grateful for an explanation. Until then it is pure amphigory, perhaps designed to make the reader feel inadequate because he cannot understand the point the author appears to be trying to make, whatever it might be.

5. More groundless assertions compounded by ad-hominem attacks against anyone who dares to disagree with the author.

* * *

‘Is the 9/11 “Pentagon Hole” a Psyop to Distract from Real Questions?’ by Erik Larson

Is the article shown above a “psyop” to distract from treason?

In this ‘hit piece’, missile denier Erik Larson presents himself as a card-carrying ‘9/11 truther’ leaping to the defense of the official “9/11 Truth Movement”. This is, he claims, mocked and discredited by suspicions of anything other than a 757 at the Pentagon. Nonetheless, the photographic evidence of a smoke trail speaks for itself, as does Mr Larson's silence on that very subject.

Mr Larson also claims that “9/11... ...came after years of warnings that Al Qaeda intended to hijack planes for missiles” but gives no source for this information. The origin of this claim would seem to be the Congressional Joint Inquiry, which first published its results on September 18th 2002, more than a year after 9/11. These results depend solely on testimony from members of the so-called ‘intelligence community’. The problem here is that the ‘intelligence community’ is itself implicated in the events of 9/11 and there is no independent corroborating evidence to support its claims. If the ‘intelligence community’ was a party in any way to the events of 9/11 then of course it would go out of its way to fabricate a false history in order to make it seem that it simply failed to do its job and then only through incompetence. Unless some independent corroborating evidence can be produced the Joint Inquiry's report is worthless, the ‘intelligence community’ having had a whole year to manufacture whatever excuses it needed to get itself off the hook (assuming that it had not itself been producing phony intelligence all along that could be wheeled out at the appropriate time). Moreover, even if corroborating evidence of loose foreknowledge on the part of the intelligence community can be produced, that does not prove that that is actually what happened on 9/11. Any claim that the existence of such plans means that must be what happened in the event is a non-sequitur, as the particular logical fallacy employed by Mr Larson in his article is known.

With regard to any suggestion that the Pentagon security videos might have been faked ­­­— a favorite of missile deniers (and raised in the completely unfaked comments section of the above article) ­­­— one has to ask why the Pentagon would manufacture false evidence that appears only to indicate treason on its own part.

* * *

‘The “Pod People” And The Plane That Crashed Into the Pentagon’ by Mike Rivero

What really motivates Mike Rivero to keep pushing this stuff?

Mike Rivero, a former NASA employee, owns and runs the widely-respected Internet newsfeed ‘What Really Happened’ from his hideaway on the paradise island of Hawaii. Through this medium and his pungent sense of humor he has acquired a high degree of credibility among connoisseurs of historical truth. It would be difficult to find fault with him except in this one respect: Mike Rivero is promoting a falsehood that cloaks high treason at the Pentagon. As with his protégé, Erik Larson (see above), he conspicuously ignores all evidence pointing to a cruise missile ­­­— the very same tactic adopted by the infamous 9/11 Commission in respect of #7 World Trade Center.

Why would a cruise missile at the Pentagon indicate high treason? Because had anyone else launched it there would have been genuine retaliatory action (unless, of course, it was the State of Israel, whose ability to attack the USA militarily with impunity was clearly demonstrated by the incident with the USS Liberty). However, to get away with it would involve imprinting horrific images into the minds of the public of some very real airplanes flying into other buildings in order to establish a pattern for all the events of that day ­­­— and what better candidates than #1 and #2 World Trade Center, the Twin Towers? (UA Flight 93 failed to impact the 47-storey WTC #7, which collapsed nonetheless.) And who else but a psy-ops military psychologist would know better how to manipulate the pattern-seeking nature of the human mind to his advantage?

The big question that arises from Mr Rivero's continued pushing of the official line in respect of the Pentagon strike is this:- Is he trying to lend credit to the official account of what happened at the Pentagon on 9/11 by associating it with stories of what is really, really happening in the world that every informed person knows to be true and that the old mass-media ­­— newspapers, radio and television ­­— invariably lie about, or is he trying to discredit the truth of what is really happening in the world by associating it with transparent nonsense?

Perhaps Mr Rivero's very own “Thought for the day” of December 11th 2008 explains all:-

“If you give a man the correct information for seven years, he may believe the incorrect information on the first day of the eighth year when it is necessary, from your point of view, that he should do so. Your first job is to build the credibility and the authenticity of your propaganda, and persuade the enemy to trust you although you are his enemy.”-- A Psychological Warfare Casebook Operations Research Office Johns Hopkins University Baltimore (1958)

Clearly Mr Rivero knows exactly what he is doing, whatever it might be.

A Cruise Missile at The Pentagon

Appendix III. “Missile” #3

A 9/11 Commissioner ‘mis-speaks’ (September 11th 2006)

Partial transcript ­­­— “There were many times, Miles, that you were afraid. You were worried. Especially when I was standing in front of the Pentagon that night seeing one of our fortresses pried open by a missile, er, airplane...” ­­­— Tim Roemer (9/11 Commissioner)

A Cruise Missile at The Pentagon

Appendix IV. Gov. Jesse Ventura - Conspiracy Theory: 9/11 Pentagon Attack

Conspiracy Theory with Gov. Jesse Ventura - 9/11 Pentagon Attack (complete) - first televised December 17th 2010

Just four days after the above show was broadcast, the author received an email from Amazon.com, an offer to buy back his copy of Thierry Meyssan's groundbreaking book 9/11: The Big Lie (2002). Clearly, Gov. Ventura's show had generated a great deal of interest in the subject.

I never had one of these before for any book

A Cruise Missile at The Pentagon

Appendix V. Mirror Websites

This article is a work-in-progress. Please occasionally check for updates.

Mirrors of this article are available at the following web addresses­­­—

A Cruise Missile at The Pentagon

Appendix VI. Other Websites of Interest

Please report broken links to

A Cruise Missile at The Pentagon

Appendix VII. Recommended Books

The State of Israel sought in the NY Supreme Court, only yards away from the World Trade Center, to prevent publication of ‘By Way of Deception’, claiming that it would suffer “irreparable harm”.

“...on September 11th, 1990, defendant [St. Martin's Press Inc. (also located only yards from the World Trade Center), Victor Ostrovsky and Claire Hoy] shipped approximately 17,000 copies of the book [‘By Way of Deception’] to a large number of book stores and wholesalers, and that additional copies were shipped to reviewers and to book clubs; and it is represented that based upon an affidavit under seal in the Ontario court proceeding that the publication and dissemination of the book would cause immediate and irreparable harm to plaintiff [the State of Israel] in that it would disseminate extremely confidential information which would, among other effects, endanger various people in the employ of the State of Israel, and would be detrimental to the government of the State of Israel.” ­­­— Temporary restraining order of September 12th 1990

Needless to say, the application failed. The restraining order was reproduced in the 2nd edition of the book.

In recommending ‘By Way of Deception’ to readers of this article, it must be pointed out that it is highly likely that it is not at all what it appears to be at first sight ­­­— an exposé of the inner workings of Mossad ­­­— but is instead an instruction manual for Mossad helpers (or sayanim), hiding in plain sight. As such, the failed attempt to prevent its publication can be seen as a stunt designed to lend credibility to the author's claimed intentions and to publicize it widely among its intended readers. After all is said and done, Mr Ostrovsky is still alive, having suffered neither a fatal heart attack nor a fatal automobile accident, something that must be considered highly unlikely were the book actually what it appears to be at face value.

Coincidentally, on the very same day that ‘By Way of Deception’ was published, September 11th 1990, President George H. W. Bush addressed Congress, announcing for the first time ever in that place the emergence of a “new world order”.

Some people dismiss Dr Griffin's research on the grounds that he is a theologian. Firstly, that in itself would not invalidate his work. Secondly, I am not sure that it is an entirely accurate description; David Ray Griffin is a doctor of philosophy of religion and that makes him a philosopher before a theologian. Thirdly, there is no mention of any god or faith in his writings about 9/11 listed above. (Dr Griffin has written a book about 9/11 and Christianity and many other books unconnected with 9/11 and probably to do with theology but I must confess to having read none of them). Instead Dr Griffin presents a most fearless and acutely rational discussion of the facts surrounding that day. Dr Griffin is without doubt the most courageous philosopher on the planet and the rest, with very few exceptions, should be hanging their heads in shame at their exposed collective cowardice and venality. Read Dr Griffin's lucid and relentless prosecution of the 9/11 criminals and weep, for they are still free, still in control of the governments of the USA and UK and still engaged in mass-murder of innocents and false-flag terrorism against the peoples of the world.

A Cruise Missile at The Pentagon

Photo: R Parker

“[W]e are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy...” - President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, ‘The President And The Press’, April 27th 1961. Assassinated by persons unknown on Friday, November 22nd 1963.

A Cruise Missile at The Pentagon

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